Ygritte Appreciation Week: [Day 7] Whatever I Want → You’ll be missed!
∟ After my final take, I was given my bow and arrow. They changed the handle on the bow, replacing the grubby Wildling wrap with white leather. On one side of the handle was an emblem of a red rose. On the other was a silver placard that read, ‘Kissed by Fire.’ Everybody huddled around. I felt very privileged. It was absolutely beautiful.

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Do we leave Middle-Earth to its fate?
Do we let them stand alone?
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Margaery looked very like her brother, the Knight of Flowers. The queen wondered if they had other things in common. Our little rose has a good many ladies waiting attendance on her, night and day.

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Oona Chaplin does the ALS bucket challenge. If you can, please donate to ALS here.

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