Alicia Vikander by Benoit Peverelli for Numero China, September 2013 

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Being a teenager is such a weird time anyway. You’re at your most insecure and being exposed like that is very difficult. - Billie Piper

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Did you like that [Peggy Carter] was a strong capable woman instead of “please help Captain America!”? Yeah, f*ck that (laughs). And why not, she was in a position where if she was like that, she wouldn’t be of that position. And when she says “I know what it’s like to have a few doors slammed in my face,” I think because she’s this attractive woman who’s beautifully made up, she had to fight a little bit harder to get where she is to prove that she’s capable. And I think that’s great because there’s a kindred spirit between here and Steve, there’s an equality about them and I love that. I think of women in the forties like Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn, or my grandmother and I think “wow, they knew their power as women, so beautifully.” And Peggy in the script had that too, and I love that about her.

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Top 10 Arrested Development Characters [As Voted by My Followers]

#10: Franklin Delano Bluth

Let me give that oatmeal some brown sugar.

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Lena Headey for BVLGARI campaign for Save the Children

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